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About Us

The Liam Foundation was founded in 2019 by Liam's family after learning of his diagnosis with mitochondrial disease, letting the news sink in, and refusing to sit idly by while their son suffered from a progressive disease badly in need of research and funding.

It is run by Liam's dad, Kevin James Reason, Mito warrior dad extraordinaire, whose aim it is to spread awareness, raise funds, and of course try to save his beloved boy, along with other innocent sufferers of this ravaging disease. Kevin is lucky and thankful for his family and friends who also volunteer their time and support to the foundation.

The Liam Foundation is a not-for-profit Quebec registered charity. 100% of all donations and any proceeds from sales of promotional items go directly to the foundation. All work performed for and by the charity is done by volunteers.

Tax receipts are available for all cash donations. Donations can be made through Liam's page on the Montreal Children's Hospital page.

Contact us to learn more and get involved.

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